Modularized layout

The theme is divided into 10 module positions. Each module can hold n number of chunks, snippet calls, simple html etc. You can easily add/remove, reorganize or change order as per requirement. Same module elements like chunk/code can be reused on different pages.

Below image explains the layout/module position names. You can easily create more positions as needed.


Below screenshot shows how you can add multiple chunks to a given position. You can also drag drop to rearrange the chunks in desired order.

RTL enabled

Under layout theme options/ theme config you can enable RTL with just one click.

RTL config

Collapsible Sidebars

Right and left sidebars are auto collapsible when no chunks are defined in the left - right module position. You dont need three different templates for left sidebar-right sidebar or full content. One template for all.

Selectable content type

Using the "Select Type of content" you can choose to display *content or a blog-list or a blog post external url or no content et all. You can also add more sub template as needed. No need to create multiple templates. Type of content also supports external URL. Load any form or any webspage using the same.

Layout Option

Using Layout options you can shift your left/ right columns. Left column can be shifted to right column and vice versa. The sidebars are collapsible even if moved to extreme right or left.

For more detailed view refer to our documentation. There are many options to choose from.